Things FS

Thfs generates a key-value file in the cloud that you can read and write using our simple API.


After entering your email into the form above you'll receive an email with an unique file name and an unique token.

To read the file you only need the file name. To edit it you need the file name and the token.

Reading your file

To access your file:[name]

To access just the value of a key:[name]/[key]

Writing to your file

To set the value for a key:[name]/[token]/set/[key]/[value]

To remove one key from your file:[name]/[token]/remove/[key]

To remove all keys from your file:[name]/[token]/clean

Other ways to write to your file

To increase the value of a key:[name]/[token]/increase/[key]/[amount]

To decrease the value of a key:[name]/[token]/decrease/[key]/[amount]

To switch the value of a key from 0 to 1 and viceversa:[name]/[token]/switch/[key]

To push to a list:[name]/[token]/push/[key]/[value]

To pop from a list:[name]/[token]/pop/[key]

Destroying your file

To destroy your file:[name]/[token]/destroy

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